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A fun, pickleball-focused social & travel community for women 50 and better.

About Senior Women's Pickleball

Hi! My name is Barb Elgin and I created Senior Women's Pickleball (SWP) for women 50 and better who envision more exciting ways of manifesting their pickleball goals. 

If you are looking to both enhance your game AND compete recreationally in fun, authentic, warm environments, we invite you!


By joining our online community now, you can help us grow a hub of ladies like yourself, who want to combine recreational pickleball and travel. My vision is seeing us grow into a vibrant organization that offers members satisfying on and offline experiences.

Ready to join us? Why now IS the time to join SWP

You have a unique opportunity to join us in beta launch by signing up for a FREE, six month trial!  Wahoo! That's right. Now is the time for you to try our updated, much more user friendly (than Facebook) membership site...for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what your six month, FREE trial includes:

- Create your rich, personal, findable profile and connect with other senior women pickle-ballers in your area (and anywhere).  I will coach you to start up a play group in your town or state so that you can grow a real presence for women to find a welcoming group to call upon to play whenever wanted.
- Much more easily find and connect with other members in your geographic area and by topic or interest. This enables you to share juicy discussions and chats with other SWP members.
- Join and/or create pickleball-themed and niched topics and groups on the site. Participate in discussions I have already started such as 'coping with chronic pain', 'knee injuries', 'injury recovery and prevention', play tips and more.
- Attend SWP pep talks and pep rallies. Be a part of 'insider discussions' on helping SWP grow.
- Master the inner and outer games of pickleball. Improve your fitness and form new friendships.
- Attend virtual and in person events with industry experts and senior women players, instructors and pros who will share their knowledge and wisdom with you!
- Become an SWP Ambassador and win prizes by referring new members to SWP.
- Enjoy SWP member FIRST invitations to our upcoming pickleball vacations/travel getaways.
- Enjoy SWP member only discounts to fellow member and partners services, products, etc.
- Tap into SWP's travel play group on the app to connect with other SWP members when you travel.
- Give and receive access to a 'brain trust' of opinions shared by fellow SWP members who are willing to talk about their experiences - good and bad - about the myriad of products and services advertised to senior women pickleballers from a wide variety of industries such as teaching/instruction, coaching, medical, psychological, health and fitness, etc.
- Connect with others who are likewise looking to collaborate on some really cool projects such as hosting SWP in person and online events, an SWP travel play league, pickleball-focused senior cohousing communities and more.
- Benefits we haven't created yet (but will, with the collaboration of SWP and it's members).

So now it's up to you to take the next three, simple steps: 

1. Register NOW for your free trial.

2. Sign in to your SWP account and use features such as 'set your notifications' and complete your 'welcome checklist'. The welcome checklist will share with you the many ways to connect on the members only site.  

3.  RSVP to our monthly, LIVE, video Pep Rallies, which are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 8:15p ET! Details will be found on member site.

I look forward to making SWP memories with you! 

- Barb Elgin    

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